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If your car is driving rough on a smooth road, chances are that it might need a tire alignment. Sometimes, if you hit something hard enough (like a large pot hole!) it can cause your tire to ‘go out of alignment’. This means that the tire is not totally straight and is not pulling in the same direction as the other tires.

This can sometimes be fixed by balancing the tire and getting a tire alignment (basically, straightening it out!) This means that a technician needs to determine, through a series of test, how each tire needs to be balanced and aligned. They check the following things:

– “Toe” This means they measure the difference between the front of the tires and the back of the tires. If the front of the tires are closer together than the back it means yur tires are ‘toed’ in and your car is going down the road like a crab and if it is not corrected your tires will wear quickly and unevenly.

– “Camber” is the measurement they take to see if a tire is leaning in or out – a camber problem will cause wear to the inside or outside edge of the tire.

– “Caster” measures the relationship of the wheels to one another. Most vehicles today require a four wheel alignment.

If there is enough damage, it might be necessary to have a whole front end alignment. This means your car needs to go up on an ‘alignment rack’ and have parts of the car frame straightened to ensure your car is driving straight down the road.

If your car is not driving smoothly, come in and let us diagnose what you need – it might just be a simple tire alignment, wheel balancing or front end alignment. Our specialists will be able to determine what you need to get back to a smooth ride.

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